Are cheap laptops worth it?

Nowadays, laptops are getting cheaper and cheaper, but the question is are they worth it? In this article I will answer just that!

To start with you have to consider why you are buying a laptop, is it for professional use like programming or photography or is it for browsing the internet and viewing photos?

Laptop’s for professional use usually require a higher hardware specification otherwise your laptop will struggle. But having a higher specification usually costs more.

However, if you are planning to just browse the internet and do basic tasks, there are some pretty descent laptops available for low prices.

Chromebook’s are perfect for that, on average they can be found for about £200. But what if you want to do more? With Chromebooks you can! You have two options when it comes to office software, you can either use Microsoft Office Online or Google Docs. Some chromebook’s even allow you to download Android apps. The Chrome browser also allows you to download many browser apps.

But what if you don’t want to buy a Chromebook? There are many laptops that can be found for around that price bracket but the trouble with them is that you usually don’t get much storage space, so if you want to store photos and videos, it might be worth investing in a portable hard drive.

But like the title suggests; are they worth it? Well it totally depends on your needs, if you are looking to do basic tasks then yes they are worth it but if you are planning to do more advanced tasks than you should be spending more.

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