Book review: How Google Works

Book review: How Google Works

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I was sitting in the departures lounge at Birmingham airport, so I decided to go the bookshop. That’s when I came across this book, being a big fan of Google and their services, I decided to purchase it and it was a great purchase!

The book is by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg. It covers how they came to Google as seasoned Silicon Valley business executives. The title of the book suggests that it’s about all the technical functions of their services like Gmail and the search engine itself. It’s not, in fact, if anything it’s not. The book is actually about how the company is managed. It teaches you about Google’s core values, so if you either are running or are thinking to start a new business, the book covers how Google came to success. That, in my opinion, is the selling point of this book. When I leave University, I’m planning to start a business and this book has indeed taught me a lot.

The book teaches a new way of thinking, a way which I never imagined. For example, the book teaches that you should disagree in meetings and experiment. As it turns out, the Silicon Valley slogan is “ship and iterate”. Which in my opinion, is a great way of thinking, especially in my chosen field which is Software development.

The book also covers the early days of Google, so when the organisation was just a small project which nobody expected to kick off. The thing is that projects like that are usually most successful. I can relate to this with my YouTube channel (Visit…). I never thought of opening a YouTube channel, but one day I thought to myself, I will create a video of me upgrading my old Windows XP, Dell Optiplex computer to run Windows 10. Today that still is one of my most popular videos and the thing is, it was just a small project that I didn’t think much of. They stated that  “The only thing we could say for sure back then was that much of what the two of us had learned in the 20th century was wrong, and that it was time to start over,” That is a great way of thinking because time has proven many times that people and trends do change. I mean a great off-topic example includes the Jumbo-Jet or technically speaking the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380, back then when they were being developed there was a huge demand, today evidence shows that airlines prefer small and economical aircraft like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It can be like that for Google and I believe that the above quote explains it very well.

How Google works covers all of their little projects and how they became successful. A great example is Google Maps. This is a perfect starting point for students like me because not only does it inspire me to create more projects, it also teaches that even the smallest project can gain success. It also covers Google’s strategies when it comes to management of the projects.

Overall I seriously recommend reading this book! No matter what stage in your career your in or what path you’ve chosen, this book teaches you a new way of thinking, which can make any project successful.