Get 50GB Cloud storage FREE! with Mega – a review

Cloud storage is a popular way of storing your files. It’s great if you have many devices since you can store all your files in one place or just to use as a backup solution. In this article, you will find a short review of

What is Mega?

Available here:

Mega is a Cloud Storage and file hosting company by Mega limited who is based in New Zealand. It’s known for its security features, including file encryption where all files are encrypted locally before being uploaded. This means that even Mega employees will find it hard to access your file without knowing the passkey!

The service offers an amazing 50GB for Free accounts, which compared to other providers such as OneDrive who offers 5GB, Dropbox who offers 2GB and Google Drive who offers 15GB free is a great deal!


  • Windows
  • Windows Phone
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Web


  • Free 50 GB storage
  • Clean interface
  • Apps available
  • Local file encryption


  • Accounts expire if not logged in for a certain time
  • No password recovery apart from a reset key (This can also be an advantage due to security reasons) But if that key is lost then there is no way to access your account
  • Can be slow

My opinion:

I’ve been using Mega for a good couple of months now and can honestly recommend it! The interface is nice and clean, there are apps available too. You also have the opportunity to grow the amount of storage you have. I would definitely recommend it to a friend!



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