Microsoft Edge: is it worth it or is Microsoft trying too hard?


We all browse the internet and have our own preferences on the choice of browser, but there are so many browsers out there and with Google Chrome on top has Microsoft got a fighting chance? I mean in the past Internet Explorer was the most popular, with the rise of Google Chrome and Firefox, it became the most popular browser to download an alternative form. Well, you can decide that for yourself. In this article, I will go over what I like about Microsoft Edge, what I think should improve, how I feel when I’m using it and compare it to the most popular ones.

Why do I like Microsoft Edge?

It’s simple to use

Being developed by Microsoft, they made the browser clean, simple and easy to use. In fact, from my experience, it’s just a simple web browser. The settings are easy to understand and simple, meaning that there’s not much to go wrong. However, if you’re a fan of customization, then bad news for you, compared to Google Chrome and Firefox there aren’t that many options. You can change the theme from bright to dark, add a favorites bar and change the default search engine.

It’s fast!

Yes, you read correctly, Microsoft Edge is fast! When I first started using Microsoft Edge in the Insider previews, I was surprised, not only did I find that the browser was fast, but also that I enjoyed using it. I only ever got that feeling when I gave up Internet Explorer to Google Chrome.

Annotate Pages

Whether your conducting research or just like using highlighter pens. Microsoft Edge provides a built-in highlighting tool which allows users to highlight words and sentences, add notes, annotate and save. Being a Student, I find this tool extremely useful, I found that downloading an alternative plugin for chrome slowed the browser down and it wasn’t as good as the one in Microsoft Edge.

Reading Mode

This feature declutters articles by removing advertising and sidebars. it also provides the article a book like colour.

Reading List

Sometimes we find articles online, but can’t be bothered to read them. Edge has the feature of adding articles to a reading list. This feature has been implemented by other browsers as add-ons. However, if you use Edge there is no need to download them.

Mobile App

Yes! Microsoft now provides a mobile app for both Android and IOS!

What should be improved?


Although uncommon, I have experienced websites and web apps and the browser itself being laggy, which I never experienced using Chrome. Therefore, I strongly believe that the performance should be improved!

Lack of customization features

Being a huge fan of customization, I found that there aren’t many options in terms of customization. There are only two themes to choose from! I strongly believe that Microsoft should add more themes or allow users to make their own.


Compared to other browsers, Edge has an alarming lack of add-ons. In my opinion, this is an advantage, since add-ons are well known for making the browsing experience slow.

The verdict

Overall I believe that Edge has a huge potential. To answer the question “Is Microsoft Trying too hard” I would say no. In fact, in my opinion, they have developed a great product that needs some more work done to it, like adding more themes. From when I started using Edge on the Insider previews, the browser has improved massively, it’s just the little things that they need to improve on now!

When it comes to research, I only use Microsoft Edge as it allows me to annotate websites. I would definitely recommend Edge to Students!

As mentioned many times before, I like Microsoft Edge! If your looking for a basic browser just to browse the internet on, then Edge is your best choice. On this occasion, I would not recommend it for performance due to the lag mentioned above. However it is a new browser, therefore I hope that this will be eliminated in future versions.