Portable apps -Run apps from your USB drive

Have you ever used someone else’s computer and thought to yourself “I wish that program was installed” Portable apps allow you to run programs straight from your USB drive without the need to constantly be installing them!

I’ve been using portable apps for many years as they can be a true life saver, especially when working at an IT service desk since there are many utilities available. In fact, a much larger list can be found here.

Portable apps.com offers an app launcher along with a massive list of portable apps which can either be downloaded separately or during the installation of the app launcher.

What are portable apps?

Portable apps don’t need installers because all the files required to run them are stored in a folder which can be stored anywhere on the system, including USB drives. Portable apps don’t leave a footprint on the PC’s you run them on. Everything is stored in the folder that the app is stored in.

Why might I want to use them?

If you use many PC’s

If you use many PC’s, having your most important apps in one place can be a true lifesaver. On the other hand, they can also be handy if you use public computers, but be sure that you check with the system administrator to see if you can use them.

Computer utilities

There are many system utilities that are available in the portable format. These include tools to analyse your system, data recovery programs and many other system utilities.

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