Top 5 Advantages of Using Cloud Storage

5. All your files are in one place

We all have at least two devices where we store our files on, it could be our phones, our even our laptops. Have you ever had that problem where you want to access a certain file but you forgot to copy it? We’ve all been there. Keeping files in the cloud can certainly stop that issue from occurring because all your files will be synced.

4. Cost

Cloud storage solutions are extremely cheap compared to buying hard drives. You can get a good deal starting at £1.59 per month.

3. Protection

Files uploaded to online cloud services often offer that extra layer of data protection. In other words, they keep backups so that you always have access to your files.

2. Great backup solution

We all sometimes lose files or break out computers. Cloud storage can be used as an excellent backup solution to keep our files safe from disaster.

1. Sharing and Collaborating

This is possibly by far the best advantage of using cloud storage. Many services offer file sharing, so if you want to share photos and videos of family vacations with the rest of your family and friends it is easy to do so.

Some services even offer collaboration tools. For example, Google Docs allows multiple users to work on the same document using different computers.

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